Ruptured Implants

Implant ruptures occur when there is trauma to the outer shell of your breast implant, causing the inner volumizing solution to fill the breast pocket. This most often occurs many years after implantation due to aging and wear of the shell. Spontaneous implant ruptures are rare, but the risk increases in patients with older implants. Implant ruptures are typically not harmful to your health; however, immediate attention is necessary.

Saline Implant Rupture

Saline implants are created from a silicone shell and filled with a saltwater solution. Damage to the outer shell can cause the implant to “pop,” and the saltwater solution leaks into the breast pocket. A saline rupture generally poses little risk but will result in significant implant deflation. The saline solution is safely and easily absorbed by the body. Most patients will notice a saline rupture because of the dramatic change in their breast appearance.

Silicone Implant Leaks

Silicone implants are more likely to leak rather than rupture. Because silicone implants are created from a cohesive gel, the material leaks out at a slower rate than a saline solution. The newer generations of implants are now more cohesive and less likely to extrude through the implant shell. This means you are less likely to notice an immediate change in your breast condition. Silicone leaks are typically localized only to the breast pocket and pose minimal potential side effects. An MRI is needed to properly diagnose a silicone implant leak.

Reasons for Implant Rupture

  • Repetitive rubbing at natural creases along the implant wears down the shell, causing it to rupture
  • External trauma to the implant
  • A defect within the implant

Implant Warranties

Depending on timing and cause of your implant rupture, a replacement implant may be covered under your implant warranty. Manufacturer warranties vary between implants. Contact your implant manufacturer for further information on your implant warranty.

Correcting Ruptured Implants

Presenting with a ruptured implant is often a good time to consider every aspect of your augmented breasts. They have undoubtedly changed over time and may look and feel much different than they did during the years following your initial augmentation. Every tool in the breast revision arsenal may be employed for correction.

Implant Exchange

An implant exchange is required to remove the ruptured implant and replace it with a new, intact implant. Every implant exchange is different depending on your implant type, the original incision used, and the severity of your rupture. Your body naturally absorbs saline solution, but a leaking silicone implant may require the breast pocket to be thoroughly cleaned out and the capsule removed prior to your new implant being placed.

Your Breast Revision

At Scultura Plastic Surgery, we focus on providing hands-on care and customized treatment plans. Dr. Strawn is a leading expert in revision surgery and believes that a combination of tools must be used to create your ideal breast appearance. Dr. Strawn spends over an hour in consultation with his patients to develop a detailed, customized treatment plan. Patients often present with more than one issue causing their poor breast appearance. For this reason, multiple treatments are often required to get the most natural, flawless results possible.
If you are unhappy with the results of your breast augmentation, schedule your consultation with Dr. Strawn today. Contact our office at 949-612-7231 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

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