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The women who visit Scultura Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach are looking for a balance between health and beauty. Many women who undergo breast augmentation surgery may become physically ill or unsure about their implants. If you are experiencing illness or discomfort at any point after breast augmentation, it may be a result of your implants. Dr. Strawn commonly performs procedures to safely remove breast implants that will allow you to look and feel great. At Scultura Plastic Surgery, our patients do not have to worry about sacrificing their appearance for their health.
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What Are the Benefits of Breast Implant Removal at Scultura Plastic Surgery?

Personalized Process

Scultura Plastic Surgery is a boutique practice operated by Dr. Strawn and his team. The individualized nature of breast implant removal makes having a connection with your surgeon and patient coordinator essential for a positive surgical experience.

Caring Coordinators

Our patient coordinator will guide you through the entire breast implant removal process to ensure you have the best experience possible. She pays close attention to your personal story and all your concerns and needs, from arranging your first consultation appointment to your happy and healthy goodbyes.

Consistent Availability

At Scultura Plastic Surgery, we are here for you, and our time is never limited to the standard office hours. Dr. Strawn and his staff are always a phone call away to make sure your questions are answered, your concerns are heard, and your fears about any medical issues you may have are eased.

Why Should I Remove My Breast Implants?

  • Breast Implant Illness

    Scultura Plastic Surgery

    There are many new studies proving breast implants can make you feel physically sick and may steadily deteriorate your body from the first day of implantation. These illnesses can cause harm to your glands, organs, and overall health. Issues can range from autoimmune symptoms to systemic complications, such as:
    • Fatigue
    • Pain
    • Muscle deterioration
    • Recurring infections

    Better inform yourself about breast implant illness.

  • Capsular Contracture

    Scultura Plastic Surgery

    Capsular contracture occurs when the tissue shell that naturally forms around your implants begins to tighten. Capsular contracture may also cause your breasts to look and feel hard. In severe cases, patients may experience discomfort or pain.

    Better inform yourself about capsular contracture.

  • Implant Rupture

    Scultura Plastic Surgery

    Implant rupture is when the outer shell of a breast implant becomes compromised, which can cause the inner volumizing solution to leak out and fill the breast capsule or breast pocket. Immediate attention is necessary to address a rupture.

    Better inform yourself about implant rupture.

  • Implant Positioning

    Scultura Plastic Surgery

    The positioning of your implants in the breast pocket can play a significant role in the appearance of your breasts. When breast pockets fail to hold the implants in place, the implants can shift and create an unappealing appearance, asymmetry, or complications that could worsen over time.

    Better inform yourself about poor implant positioning.

  • Breast Deformities

    Scultura Plastic Surgery

    A breast deformity can develop immediately after breast augmentation surgery, or malformation may progress over time due to scar tissue or weakened breast tissue. Sometimes, women who have older implant types, such as first generation gel implants, can develop hardened and deformed breasts.

    Better inform yourself about breast deformities.

  • You Are Unhappy

    Scultura Plastic Surgery

    Maybe you are not sure why you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, and that is okay. You may have had an ideal breast appearance in mind and your implants failed to achieve that vision.

    Schedule a consultation with Dr. Strawn, and he will help you determine the cause of your unhappiness.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Strawn?

The women who visit Scultura Plastic Surgery are looking for a change—in their bodies and in their quality of care.

A Vision for Revision

Dr. Strawn is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast revision, implant removal, and breast reconstruction…

A Vision for Revision

Dr. Strawn is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast revision, implant removal, and breast reconstruction surgery. Breast implant removal can range from simple to moderate procedures that maintain a woman’s confidence and self-esteem about her breasts. Dr. Strawn is here to help.

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Tailored Treatments

There may be a combination of reasons why you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts or concerned about your health…

Tailored Treatments

There may be a combination of reasons why you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts or concerned about your health. Dr. Strawn tailors all of his breast implant removal surgeries to meet the needs of the individual patient. Multiple removal and reconstruction techniques may be utilized throughout your procedure to achieve the best results possible.

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Transforming Results

Dr. Strawn’s goal is to find a breast implant removal plan that provides you with beautiful breasts that will enhance your figure for years to come…

Transforming Results

Dr. Strawn’s goal is to find a breast implant removal plan that provides you with beautiful breasts that will enhance your figure for years to come. Our breast implant en bloc and reconstruction techniques ensure a safe procedure and a balanced breast appearance that complements and highlights your natural curves.

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What Are My Implant Removal Options?
Note: For the best results possible, all implant removal procedures should be performed by a breast explant specialist.

En Bloc Capsulectomy

En bloc capsulectomy carefully removes the entire capsule and implant together in one piece. It also removes the surrounding scar tissue and other remnants of previous breast surgeries. This procedure is always the first step when undergoing implant removal.

En Bloc Only

For patients who wish to only remove their implants and would not like to seek further treatment of their breasts, the en bloc procedure is performed alone. This procedure will carefully remove the capsule and implant but does not reconstruct the breasts, which means there are limitations on how much the breast appearance can be improved.

En Bloc + Lift (Mastopexy)

An en bloc and mastopexy combines the implant removal and breast lift procedure to rearrange and compact the breast tissue for a beautiful and perky appearance. Scars are necessary, and the final breast size is limited.

En Bloc + Lift and Fat Grafting

If you want the gold standard treatment with the best results after implant removal, an en bloc procedure combined with a lift and fat grafting is the optimal choice. Although it is the most expensive option, fat grafting will add volume and sculpting, while the lift will reshape your breasts for a beautiful appearance once the implants are removed.

En Bloc + Fat Grafting Only

Fat grafting after breast implant removal is a revolutionary practice. Patient-harvested fat is used to improve irregularities and deformities of the breasts after the en bloc capsulectomy. Dr. Strawn is an expert in utilizing fat grafting to create more naturally contoured breasts. However, this procedure is often limited to patients with smaller implants and no significant breast sagging.


Every patient is different and may present unique challenges. Some patients have had their implants removed without capsulectomies and would like the capsules removed with or without reconstruction. Some patients have already had their implants explanted and now simply want reconstruction. Other challenges with prior surgeries and breast deformities may also be addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Implant Removal

How much does it cost to have breast implants removed in Newport Beach?

The average cost for breast implant removal in Newport Beach can range from $4,800 to $10,000 and up depending on many factors. Dr. Strawn will provide a clear and transparent dialogue surrounding your breast implant removal cost at your initial consultation.

The price of your total breast implant removal surgery will depend on the reconstruction options chosen (implant removal only, implant removal with lift, implant removal with lift and fat grafting combined, etc.), anesthesia fees, facility fees, additional procedures combined, and more. Most plastic surgeons offer some form of patient financing, if needed.

Will my medical insurance cover the cost of my breast implant removal surgery? 

While individual medical insurance coverage varies based on your provider and plan, some policies will cover breast implant removal if it is deemed medically necessary to treat an illness or disease. Health insurance companies may also take into account the reason you had breast implants placed to begin with, and patients with implants placed for cosmetic reasons may not be covered. However, insurance companies often cover breast implant removal for patients who had implants placed for breast reconstruction after breast cancer and mastectomy.

Check with your specific health insurance policy to determine your coverage.

Do implant warranties cover the cost of breast implant removal surgery? 

Many breast implant manufacturers offer warranties for their implants, but coverages vary by brand and circumstances. If you're having your implants removed because of a defect in the implant such as rupture, the warranty may cover a portion of the surgery.

Review your specific breast implant warranty information to determine your coverage.

What is the most common reason for breast implant removal?

Many women with breast implants feel sick, are uncomfortable, or are unhappy with their appearance. Some patients who want their breast implants removed are looking to restore a more natural appearance.

Patients may instantly realize that breast augmentation wasn't right for them, or they may be unsatisfied with their implants due to a change in beauty ideals over time.

Why has there been a rise in breast implant removals?

Two disorders have come to the forefront in the last few years: breast implant illness and breast implant-associated ALCL. Both of these are treated by en bloc breast implant removal.

Also, many women who had their breasts augmented in the 1990s went for the highly popular look of large implants, and now that time has passed, their preferences have changed.

What is breast implant illness?

Breast implant illness (BII) has no yet defined diagnostic criteria; however, many women who have BII experience chronic fatigue, joint pain, fevers, brain fog, autoimmune reactions, and a host of other medical concerns they believe are associated with their breast implants.

Is emotional distress a good reason to get my implants removed?

Breast implant removal requires thorough examination and consultation but is ultimately a personal decision. Many patients who undergo breast implant removal have reported a higher quality of life and significantly decreased emotional distress.

What is the most common breast implant complication?

One of the most common issues that occurs after breast augmentation surgery is capsular contracture. We do not yet have great data on the exact incidence of breast implant illness.

What are the early signs of capsular contracture?

Early signs of capsular contracture are characterized by a hardening sensation around the implant or even pain. Capsular contracture also emerges slowly as a distortion in the breast.

How soon can capsular contracture occur after breast augmentation?

Capsular contracture can occur as soon as four to six weeks after implants are placed.

How can I reduce the risk of capsular contracture?

The chances of developing capsular contracture may be reduced with antibiotics, antiinflammatories, and daily breast massages. However, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk without removing the implants. Women who develop recurrent capsular contracture after breast revision often decide to remove their implants altogether.

How do I know my breast implants are too old and need to be removed?

Although breast implants can last for decades, they are not impervious to deterioration. A change in breast shape, position, and firmness may indicate your breast implants are worn out and in need of removal.

Should I get my breast implants removed if they are too big?

Breast implants too large for your needs can be cumbersome and get in the way of daily activities. You may also feel as though your initial breast implants do not accurately complement your natural body proportions.

How will I know if my breast implants have ruptured?

You will know that your implants have ruptured when you feel or notice distortions in breast shape and size, pain, firmness, and swelling over time. Numbness or a difference in breast sensation may also signify implant rupture. However, most ruptures are silent, and the best way to detect a rupture is with an MRI

What causes breast implant malpositioning?

Breast implant displacement can occur because of implant deterioration, breast pocket failure, and poor placement during the initial augmentation.

Am I the right candidate for en bloc capsulectomy?

Ideal candidates for en bloc capsulectomy suffer from breast implant illness or capsular contracture. These patients desire to remove their implants and any remaining scar tissue from previous breast surgeries.

En bloc capsulectomy is important because the antigens (agents that activate your immune system) are located in the space between the implant and the capsule. It is important to remove all antigens (including leaking silicone) in order to relieve your immune system and begin healing. The best way to remove all antigens is to remove the capsule and implant en bloc (in one piece).

Am I the right candidate for en bloc only implant removal?

The en bloc only procedure option is ideal for those who wish to remove their implants without seeking further augmentation or treatment of their breasts. This procedure does not reconstruct the breasts.

Am I the right candidate for en bloc + lift?

Ideal candidates for en bloc + lift may have experienced significant sagging after removing their breast implants and would like to restore the youthful position of their breasts.

Am I the right candidate for en bloc + lift and fat grafting?

Ideal candidates for en bloc + lift and fat grafting have experienced significant sagging after removing their breast implants and would like to restore the volume, shape, and youthful position of their breasts.

Where is the fat taken from for en bloc + fat grafting?

Typically, fat grafting uses fat from the midsection, thighs, or back. This fat is then consolidated for safe use and relocation to the breasts.

Can I have breast implant removal if I had breast reconstruction using implants?

Just as with breast augmentation, breast reconstruction surgery results may not be what you initially expected. Breast implant explantation can be performed to remove implants that were received during breast reconstruction.

How is breast revision different from breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal is considered a type of breast revision surgery, as it addresses the breasts after augmentation. However, most breast revision surgeries are designed for patients who still desire breast implants but wish to revise their initial procedure due to cosmetic issues or complications.

How should I prepare for breast implant removal?

Patients can prepare for their breast implant removal by gathering all of the appropriate personal information, such as medical lab tests and documentation of their medical history. They should also exercise and eat nutritious food so their body is as healthy as possible prior to surgery. Patients should arrange for the help they'll need after surgery so they can relax and recover adequately.

What is recovery like after a breast implant removal surgery?

Recovery after breast implant removal may take between three and six weeks depending on the type of reconstruction chosen. Before surgery, Dr. Strawn will give instructions on how to have the safest recovery possible, including specifications on how soon you can shower, exercise, have sex, and resume other activities after implant removal.

Are the results of breast implant removal permanent?

The results from breast implant removal surgery are generally permanent. However, breast lift (mastopexy) and fat grafting are not invulnerable to the natural aging process, and your breast tissues will continue to be affected by natural aging.

Will I be able to breastfeed after implant removal? 

Generally, women can breastfeed after implant removal. The original techniques used for your breast augmentation and your natural breast condition may be factors in your ability to breastfeed.

Can I have smaller breast implants placed after my breast implant removal procedure?

If patients are suffering from breast implant illness symptoms, it is very important the implant and capsule be removed en bloc. Adequate time must also be given for her body to recover and detoxify.

Some women, even after reconstruction, are unhappy with the size of their breasts and later decide that they do want some of the volume and shape provided by implants. Subsequent breast fat grafting is the best natural way to augment the breasts, but this technique has limitations on size and shape.

Does breast implant removal cause scarring?

If possible, Dr. Strawn will utilize the same incision placed during the initial breast augmentation to lessen the risk of additional scarring. Mastopexy (breast lift) procedures add new scars to the breast. Fat grafting only procedures, when able to be performed, are great because they only add small scars from the fat harvest and grafting.

What are the risks associated with breast implant only removal surgery?

Although rare, all surgeries carry some possibility of risk. Risks specific to breast implant removal include:

  • Unfavorable contouring of the breast
  • Breast "caving," which may cause an unfavorable look
  • Increased breast sagging

Does Scultura Plastic Surgery provide before and after photos of previous patients?

The Scultura Plastic Surgery website provides before and after plastic surgery photos of the procedures available at our location. During a consultation, we will have additional photos to show you as well.

Why should I choose Scultura Plastic Surgery for my breast implant removal?

Scultura Plastic Surgery is led by Dr. Strawn, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach dedicated to providing highly specialized care for breast implant removal and reconstruction after breast cancer. Patients who visit Dr. Strawn’s practice will be given the utmost medical attention so that they can receive the best surgical outcomes possible.

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