Implant Size Changes

Ideal breast size and shape is based on personal preferences. What is right for one woman may not be ideal for another. Your body proportions in relation to implant size can affect how pleased you are with the final look of your breasts following your augmentation. Women may choose to change the size of their implants following their breast augmentation if they are unhappy with their breast appearance.

Reasons to Change Implant Size

Small Breast Size

You may have been apprehensive about placing too large of an implant and erred on the small side. Your chosen implant size may not have translated into the breast fullness, shape, or overall appearance you originally desired.

Overly Large Breasts

Your surgeon may have felt that larger implants would help you achieve the physique you’ve always envisioned, but unfortunately, that size didn’t translate into the breast appearance you wanted. For some women, this feeling is instantaneous, while other women become unhappy with their breasts as time passes and styles change. Additionally, physical ailments such as chronic neck and back pain can lead you to wishing you had lighter breasts.

When Can I Undergo an Implant Size Change Procedure?

Major swelling subsides within the first two months of your recovery from breast augmentation. However, you will experience changes over the next six months to one year that will affect the final look of your breasts. These changes can cause your breasts to initially appear larger than they will ultimately be, or it can affect where your breasts sit on your chest. It is important to let your breasts heal fully before making a final decision on having revision surgery. It is generally recommended that women wait at least one year after their initial breast augmentation before considering a change in their implant size.

Exchange Techniques

Dr. Strawn may use a combination of techniques to treat your specific need. The following are possible solutions that may be used to exchange your implants:
  • To minimize excess scarring, Dr. Strawn will attempt to use your original breast augmentation incisions to remove and replace your old implants.
  • In addition to increasing or decreasing implant size, the implant material, shape or texture may be changed to help create a better overall breast shape.
  • A breast lift may be needed in patients looking to decrease their breast size. Larger breast implants may have stretched your breast tissue, which can cause sagging around your new smaller implants if left untreated.
  • Dermal Matrices can be used in patients who have weakened breast tissue due to large implants, aging, or breastfeeding. Dermal matrices reinforce the inframammary folds to provide additional support to the breast implants.
  • Fat grafting can be combined with an implant size increase to achieve your ideal breast size and shape. It is also used to smooth out implant edges for a more natural appearance.
  • Capsule work may be performed to create an appropriate breast pocket size to hold the new implants in place. A larger breast pocket is created to accommodate bigger implants. The capsule is tightened to keep smaller implants from shifting out of the pocket and causing a distorted breast appearance.

Your Breast Revision

At Scultura Plastic Surgery, we focus on providing hands-on care and customized treatment plans. Dr. Strawn is a leading expert in revision surgery and believes that a combination of tools must be used to create your ideal breast appearance. Dr. Strawn spends over an hour in consultation with his patients to develop a detailed, customized treatment plan. Patients often present with more than one issue causing their poor breast appearance. For this reason, multiple techniques are often required to get the most natural, flawless results possible. If you are unhappy with the results of your breast augmentation, schedule your consultation with Dr. Strawn today. Contact our office at 949-612-7231 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

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